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In the course of my writing career, I have worked under an online journalist and few established bloggers, you can call them household names in the industry. As you start out and have your own platform it may be a good idea to work under someone in the industry as an intern or employee however… Continue reading home
So you love writing and everyone has been speaking into your ear about immortalizing your thoughts by writing them down, starting a podcast or vlogging them right? You don’t think they are wrong and the idea has been growing on you plus if you can get some money as a side gig or main job… Continue reading home
Blogging takes many forms and just as with any other thing in life it evolves every day, bringing so many other aspects on board. For most people, blogging started as a storytelling venture on their online pages as a way of just contributing content on their online spaces. Eventually, quite a number social media micro… Continue reading home
Content creation. The dynamics of content creation vary from field to field and content creators generally come up with original content for digital media with a particular end goal in mind. While many may connect content creation to influencing and other works related to marketing, content creation covers a broader space. A content creator may… Continue reading home

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Digital Skills is a content creation website, a project by Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) whose aim is to equip the youth with digital skills to craft online personal narratives, employing multimedia components of narrative, text, images, and sound.


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