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When the deadline for the applications of the Digital storytelling training came there was a total of 87 applications and they were divided into three groups and the first group has since completed its training. Upon commencement of the training, the trainees showed much promise with some of them already running blogs or YouTube channels… Continue reading home
The first cohort of the Digital Storytelling training by the Bloggers Association of Kenya in conjunction with the American Embassy came to a successful end. As aforementioned, the Covid Pandemic affected physical meetings and the trainings were held virtually via the Zoom platform. The selected trainees were drawn as far as Nakuru, Busia, and Bungoma… Continue reading home
By Mercie Ngigi The First thing I’d do during high school holidays was head out to the store at home. Apart from checking out the ripe sweet bananas, I was going to get a stash of old newspapers. You see, newspapers in high school are designated to the principal, those polished teachers, and an occasional… Continue reading home
By Emily Mucheru I honestly believe that every content creator’s nightmare is producing content that does not initiate any likes, comments, or shares. On several occasions, I have heard of content creators who started a YouTube channel or a blog only to quickly abandon his/her creative streak. Are there any remedies for this sticky situation? … Continue reading home

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Digital Skills is a content creation website, a project by Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) whose aim is to equip the youth with digital skills to craft online personal narratives, employing multimedia components of narrative, text, images, and sound.


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