Digital Skills Kenya

Digital Skills Kenya is a project by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) whose aim is to equip the youth with digital skills to craft online personal narratives, employing multimedia components of narrative, text, images, sound and video

Informed by the rapid growth in the internet and social media, the project will explore the use of digital skills to support content curation and development across all social media platforms.

This project will leverage digital storytelling tools, techniques and platform(s) to bolster youth participation in economic and governance by supporting young people in expressing themselves. The project will help the youth hone their digital literacy, writing, and critical thinking skills while enabling them to develop virtual connections and building strategic online audiences.

This project is supported by the US Embassy in Nairobi through its American Spaces initiative. American Spaces are open-access learning and gathering places around the world that promote interaction, both in-person and virtual, among local audiences and the United States. American Spaces in Kenya are located in Nairobi (2), Mombasa (1), Nakuru (1) and Lamu (1). 


Digital Skills Training Workshop 2021