About Digital Skills

Digital Skills is a content creation website, a project by Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) whose aim is to equip the youth with digital skills to craft online personal narratives, employing multimedia components of narrative, text, images, and sound.

Informed by the rapid growth in the internet and social media, the site will explore the use of digital communication to support content curation and development across all social media platforms.

Kenyans online have claimed a stake in creating and sustaining narratives that when well tapped could shift perceptions and approaches on various social issues. Grounded by the reality that Kenya has more than 40 million internet users and an 85per cent internet penetration these figures indicate that the majority of Kenyans are online, a critical resource to tap into if young people are trained well.

Technology has become a necessity to daily life and it is no surprise that digital skills are essential for everyone. Skills, like curating actionable content might seem simple, but they can unlock so many possibilities. Being able to create good content means that one can easily express themselves, and safely in addition to being responsible content consumers.

This project will leverage digital storytelling tools, techniques and platform(s) to bolster youth participation in economic and governance issues by supporting young people in expressing themselves in persuasive and compelling ways, honing their digital literacy, writing, and critical thinking skills while enabling them to develop virtual connections and building strategic online audiences.


Digital Skills Training Workshop 2020-Nairobi