Digital Storytelling training cohort one: Trainers’ take

The first cohort of the Digital Storytelling training by the Bloggers Association of Kenya in conjunction with the American Embassy came to a successful end. As aforementioned, the Covid Pandemic affected physical meetings and the trainings were held virtually via the Zoom platform. The selected trainees were drawn as far as Nakuru, Busia, and Bungoma in addition to those in Nairobi.

The three-day training touched on topics such as social media, blogging, how the internet works, podcasts, cyber-bullying, and internet security among others.

As we wait for the next group, we sought to know trainers’ experience about the training.

On her part, veteran blogger and podcaster said the training was very informative and lauded the trainees as excellent as far as their behavior, engagement and knowledge of content was concerned.

“There were just a few technical issues with people dropping off and participants unmuting themselves and forgetting to mute.” She said of the Zoom experience, some of which are expected of virtual meetings.

“The sessions should be spread out over more than 3 days as there was quite a lot to cover. I would love to have had access to participants’ sites and channels to get a sense of the parts of training to focus more on,” She added of her experience.

David Indeje

David Indeje who is a seasoned journalist and blogger on his part described it as an eye-opener for some of the issues we ignore – for instance, being tech-savvy does not mean one has the digital literacy skills.

He also praised the trainees as being very interactive and that the choice of co-trainer was good as well because they blended very well while learning so much from her as well.

David however had some concerns on some trainees having a fixed mind during training and he said: “Some joined the training with fixed mind, e.g I want to make money without knowing the best practices of different platforms, how to manage content suitable for each diverse audience on the platform.”

He urged the trainees not to always have a fixed mind and to avoid instant gratification in their quest for blogging which is widely expected to make money for them in the end.

 The training attracted 87 applicants who will be divided into about 3 groups to ensure everyone gets a chance. The first group completed their training on 13th May 2021.