How can we improve engagements on digital platforms?

By Martin Karimi

The aspect of improving engagements on digital platforms can be dissected from two angles. The first angle is how a content creator can improve engagements on their platform.

Case in point; how a blogger can enhance and improve engagements on his/her site. The second angle is how users of digital platforms can improve their engagements. This can be how users of a digital platform such as Twitter can enhance their engagements on the platform. In this article, we’ll discuss it from the first angle of a content creator.

Jane runs a site titled ‘Happy & Healthy Living (which we can hypothetically assign a domain name, As the name suggests, her blog mainly gravitates towards health and related lifestyle topics such as diet, healthy living. She has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and is thus very knowledgeable in this field.

It would not be fulfilling to have Jane write a whole article on weight loss then gets to see that the article has been read by over 500 readers but has no comments, suggestions, or criticism.  

To counter this challenge, there are several things she can do. These improvements would apply to all platforms including but not limited to blogs, YouTube, podcasts among others. One, she can end with an open-ended question related to the article topic. This would leave the readers with something to ponder on and then give their answers/opinions in the comment section.

In addition to the comments, she can respond to comments by trying to bring in a different point of view. This will further stimulate the reader to give another comment and by so doing, improve on the quality of engagements of her site. This is not restricted to blog. It would also apply to podcasters, Youtubers, and other content creators.

Collaborations. This would mainly be with content creators who are more or less within the same field. For Jane, she would collaborate with content creators still in the field of health and nutrition. Basically, she would have an article by a guest author. This would drive more traffic to her blog and improve engagements.  

Appreciation of comments. This is also another way of improving engagements. When a reader/subscriber comments or even reacts to a post on a content creator’s platform, the content creator should appreciate the comment. If the reaction is a suggestion, she should reply stating whether the suggestion is worthwhile or not. The best reply for a suggestion would be something in the line of, ‘Thank you for your suggestion. It has been kindly noted and we’ll consider it.’ When a reader, viewer, or subscriber leaves a critique, she ought to kindly take it and reply that they have received it and will work on it. 

Use of Social Media. Content creators can use social media to their advantage in increasing engagements on their platform. Jane in this case can create a poll on Twitter on a blog post that she has done. From this poll, she will be able to direct traffic to her blog and at the same time stir up a conversation both on her social media and on the blog.

Feedback. Accessing the feedback of an audience would really help in increasing engagements. Jane can create surveys and send them out to her active readers. The aim of the survey would be to gauge the feedback from her audience. Afterward, she should now compile the forms picking out those commonly listed suggestions and criticisms and work on the same.