Importance of digital skills for young people in Kenya

Digital skills are vaguely defined as qualifications needed to “use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information,” in UNESCO’s terms. These are important assets that have completely changed the marketing game, providing an accuracy and efficiency never witnessed before.

What role have these skills played in influencing the lives of the youth in Kenya?

For example, Daproim Africa is an outsourcing social enterprise that offers quality and affordable volume data management services to research firms, multinational companies, and governments. This corporation understood the challenges that youths face to meet monetary expectations. Hence, currently employing 120 full time staff and over 400 virtual university students. This plays a significant part in freeing underprivileged youth from the chains of poverty.

Consequently, digital skills provide the youth with formal training that makes them competitive in the job market. This allows a large percentage to build their career based on a substantial course instead of wavering away in the ocean of poverty and depression.

Exposing the youth to relevant digital skills provides a chance to change the narrative of outsourcing in Kenya and Africa at large. The increasing lack of employment within the continent, creates a pool of potential employees for companies looking to outsource. This in turn provides a chance at intellectual growth and increases the Kenyan youth intelligence market.

Fast-growing telecom networks and increased access to technology is creating an enabling environment for digital and remote work. Kenyan youth can access vast information with efficiency at the swipe of their phones. This enables quick spread of information that is processed through online discussions and turns to knowledge. Evolution only comes because of synthesized knowledge. Kenyan youth are more aware of their digital power through social media.

Daproim’s beneficiaries – the youth- are able to work remotely for Daproim through a proprietary web application and thus earn an income to help pay for their education or support their families and communities back home. The youth are creating a new market for service provision in Kenya and a steady foundation to grow and learn